Starter Website

A starter website is useful for several purposes. It offers a web presence for companies whose customers only need a few pages of information. It can be a landing site for a marketing campaign, or a special interest site (as for a convention, product launch, or new store location). And it can be a placeholder that gives your company a great face to the world with useful information such as products, about us, a contacts page and services. Basically a starter website is a good place to start while you think about what and how you want to present your brand and market yourself to your area, city, state, country or even the world. The Internet makes it easy to reach customers you may not have had a chance to reach before. And their first stop will be your starter website. We will help you to create that initial brand to the world an actual marketing campaign if you will. We can integrate your logo and tie it in with the color scheme of your site. We can help with the selection of your personalized domain and will setup your email accounts allowing your business to assume a more professional look. There are a number of small steps with the starter website that will begin to build your brand and success

$159 setup for first year

What are the cost to maintain my website once it is setup?

A small maintenance fee will be charged to make minor tweaks usually $25 a month. With a renewal fee ($100) at year end for the following year.